Brushstrokes Refugee Centre Christmas Reflection

The picture painted of the events we celebrate at Christmas is fairly sombre in tone to begin with. Mary is an object of suspicion and probably quite a lot of innuendo as it becomes clear she has become pregnant before marrying Joseph, and Joseph himself comes close to divorcing her. Then in the context of… Continue reading Brushstrokes Refugee Centre Christmas Reflection

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Dishwater & Robber’s Dens

AMDG This is a reflection based on Friday’s Gospel (Luke: 19:45-48) At the beginning of this week my own prayer life, my interior “temple”, felt a bit like “a robber’s den”. As I tried to retreat into silence and pray I was surrounded by a jumble of unimportant concerns, a mental bric-à-brac: Astro-turf or decking… Continue reading Dishwater & Robber’s Dens

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Reflection: “I have a cunning plan!”

AMDG This is a reflection on the readings of today, Friday 4 November 2016, memorial of St. Charles Borromeo. (Philippians 3: 17-21.4:1; Psalm 121; Luke 16: 1-8). “I have a cunning plan”. The steward in the parable today is thinking as Baldrick in Blackadder. He is caught wasting the property of his master and he… Continue reading Reflection: “I have a cunning plan!”