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Vow Day 2016

Saturday 3rd September saw four of our Novices successfully take their First Vows and ‘graduate’ into Scholastics: the next steps on the path of a Jesuit vocation. Congratulations to Aurimas, Bastiaan, Mantas and Richard.  In true Jesuit fashion the four will now disperse to an array of locations for the next part of their formation: Aurimas returns to Vilnius in his native Lithuania and Bastiaan is heading to Paris, while Mantas and Richard head to North America, to St Louis and Toronto respectively. A special mention also to Mark, who will take his vows in New York in the next few weeks having arrived safely at Fordham where he will study for the next few years.

Good luck to all of the ‘Voventes’ [Latin for ‘men taking vows’]. In addition, a warm “Welcome” to our five new novices, who have been settling nicely into life in Manresa House over the past few weeks. Please pray for them, and for the recent ‘Vow Men’ as they all embark on the next phase of their Jesuit vocation.

More Vow Day 2016 Reflections to follow soon…


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