Something which everyone likes

Something which everyone likes


Can you think of a person who doesn’t like Television? I’m sure you can, so then what about a person who doesn’t like books? We all have that one friend who has unbelievably never read a book other than for literature exams. So what is something which I think everyone likes? No, it’s not food 🙂  my answer is Music. Can you think of someone who doesn’t like music?

Seriously, think about it for a few seconds. Try to name one person who just totally doesn’t like any form of music. I find it interesting that there is a type of music to suit just about everyone and every situation. 

Music Genres

So why have I brought this up now? Music has been on my mind during the past 3 weeks at the hospice I’m working at. It’s amazing to see people with memory problems who can’t tell what day it is, but after suddenly hearing an old song they can sing every word of it. I guess that’s why research is being done to show that music can be used to enhance the memory of people suffering from Alzheimer’s. During an afternoon of music at the hospice, many of the people who had earlier seemed tired, came alive with enthusiasm and energy.

Music seems to stay in the memory far longer than anything else and is often connected with an emotion.  I’m often amazed again at children who can sing word for word the latest pop songs but have trouble remembering their lessons.  I was once told that if you want to remember something, you should sing it. I’ve tried it a few times with telephone numbers, and surprisingly it seems to work.

Music has kept me going throughout my life. During the pilgrimage about a year ago, I unconsciously found myself singing (in my head) to keep my morale up and as something to enable the long hours of walking to pass by.

Love Music

Music always seems to cheer me up when feeling a bit down and depressed. It’s also an integral part of my spirituality since hymns have the power to crop up unexpectedly in my mind during the day and always provide a source of inspiration. They always seem to speak to the soul. Music is definitely the language of the heart and as Shakespeare said, it can be thought of as the food of love. Music makes a movie memorable. Who can forget the Sound of Music, the Superman theme tune, the Mission Impossible theme tune or the Harry Potter theme tune?

I’ve found that music is usually a wonderful conversation starter with strangers of any age. It has come in useful in nearly all of my placements so far. For someone who isn’t good at random conversations it keeps things going and you can see that people are genuinely delighted to share and sometimes defend their musical tastes.

I’ll finish this blog on Music, by dedicating the song below to my Mother, whose birthday was yesterday, and who also reads this blog faithfully every week. It’s by a Jamaican Priest named Father Richard Ho Lung, M.O.P. and Friends. It has a distinctively Caribbean beat and is based on Psalm 8. Enjoy!


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