The Dancing Priest and Drums

A previous year’s Intercultural Mass

No, it’s not the name of a pub, though it could work if it was, but a description of what happened at the Intercultural Mass at nearby St. Catherine of Siena church last week.

Every year it is great to see how so many people all from different parts of the world can come together solely to celebrate Mass. After all they are not coming to together just for the sake of it, but to celebrate God and celebrate being together in the presence of God.

Last year Archbishop Bernard Longley presided and the whole thing  was brilliant. I remember writing about how much I enjoyed it on this very blog. This year it was slightly different. This year we had Mgr Pat Browne celebrating the Mass with Fr. Jim Fleming and Fr. Solomon Tesfamichael Ghebray from Eritrea. So, after communion, to everyone’s surprise a large rope strung hand drum was brought up to the altar and Fr. Solomon starting playing the drums; getting everyone in the church to clap and sing along. It added happiness and exuberance to a wonderful occasion. Also, as it was spontaneous it took (mostly) everyone by surprise. Up to that point in the Mass, people were clapping along but the energy levels were not as high as they could be, but once those drums were brought out, then they went through the roof. Due to that inspirational moment, the celebrating aspect became all the more prominent and galvanized everyone there.

A terrific time had by all.


P.S. Oh, and the food was fantastic as always.


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