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Wake me up when September ends


Greetings !  We’ve just ended our two-week holiday in Barmouth (a town in north-west Wales), which began on the 18th August. It has been just what I have needed in order to feel refreshed for the 2nd year of the novitiate. We’re counting down to the vow day (8th September) when the current 2nd year guys take vows and go off on separate paths in their formation, while the new novice should arrive on the day before vows. 

Villa or holiday with a Jesuit community can be a bit challenging. The ten of us have different personalities and have our own ideas on the “correct” way to have fun. So far though, it’s been wonderful. We’ve been joined by two Lithuanian novices whose presence has added a burst of energy to the group. They make an average energetic person seem dull. From playing chess, table tennis, pool, snooker, board games, swimming and mountain climbing, these guys don’t seem to tire easily.

Some days, I’ve simply done nothing but wonder around the Barmouth shops, watch TV, and read. It feels good to “do nothing” for a while.

I’m sure that I’m not alone in thinking that September can be the most challenging month of the year for most people. With the innocence and carefree nature of summer ending, I view it as a time of transition.  It’s the time of year when people start a new school, job, class or hobby. Many are off to University for the first time. Starting something new always carries mixed feelings of being anxious or scared with a bit of excitement. It’s almost one year since I first started the novitiate and I remember feeling anxious from the 1st September to probably the end of September when I finally settled in.

So, to those of you starting new projects, I hope you face the challenges head on, because they will surely be there. However, don’t be scared and crawl into a hole while telling someone please wake me up when September ends. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the last days of summer.




2 thoughts on “Wake me up when September ends

  1. Hey,

    Best Wishes to all Manresa Vow Men on your Vows from the Novitiate of St. Francis Xavier, Lusaka, Zambia. May he who revealed himself to St. Ignatius grant you your desire and bless you with consolation.

    Mayamiko, nSJ.

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