“Sunrise, Sunset: swiftly flow the days”

Today is the first day of a new month, and time is swiftly moving on. It’s almost 3 months since I arrived here. For the past week, we have been looking at the Complementary Norms of the Jesuit Constitutions. I must admit that this has given me an opportunity to open my copy of the Constitutions for the first time since I arrived here.  They’ve given me a better insight and understanding into what is expected of a Jesuit in today’s world.

Last Friday, I got a chance to practice my recently acquired public speaking skills at a day for vocations for Hagley Catholic High School. I went along with Christian and Peter to Harvington Hall, where the day was held. Our aim was to tell them about the origin, purpose, work, and life of the Jesuits, all within 15 minutes! It was quite interesting to give the same presentation successively to 8 groups of young adults. The questions they asked, have remained in my mind and the one that stands out the most is “How much money do Jesuits make?” we got that one quite alot. An added perk for the day was exploring Harvington Hall. We learnt that it contained a number of “priest hiding holes”, and I was amazed at the ingenuity of some of these hidden places. One was under a flight of stairs that we traversed multiple times without noticing.

I was fortunate to attend a concert with Geoff and Henry, given by the Australian Chamber Orchestra on Sunday at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham. Music is one of the loves of my life and the concert placed me in a relaxed mood until we returned for our evening Eucharistic adoration.

As I write this, I’ve just returned from my Thursday apostolate at an elderly care home managed by the Little Sisters of the Poor. I enjoy helping the residents and their gratitude is always rewarding. I was put out of my comfort zone today when on my arrival I was given the task of decorating several Christmas trees. All things considered, in my opinion they ended up looking quite well. I’m amazed at the unusual experiences I’m having in the novitiate so far, and I look forward to the next swiftly approaching week.


Harvington Hall
Harvington Hall

 Jesuit ConstitutionsAustralian Chamber Orchestra

4 thoughts on ““Sunrise, Sunset: swiftly flow the days”

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