“With great power comes great responsibility”

The past two weeks in the novitiate have been the most enlightening and exciting for me so far. I’ve found reading and discussing the Jesuit saints quite inspiring and I was surprised at the number of Jesuit saints and Blesseds.

As Geoff mentioned, last week was all about communication and getting the message through. I found the practice in public speaking quite valuable and it was strange to hear about the non-verbal tendencies we all found that we had. I learnt that I tend to sway from side to side and even tip-toe a bit while speaking. I felt that I was as still as a statue during the presentation, but that’s what the others observed. I ended up being very self conscious for the entire week.  Guess I have to work on that!

On Thursday evening, we were fortunate to have the Archbishop of Birmingham, Bernard Longley and his secretary Fr Dominic Cosslett over for Mass and dinner. After dinner, we were privileged to hear both their vocation stories and we shared ours in turn. On Friday evening, a group of four enquirers came to spend the weekend and experience our way of life. This was organised by the vocations Director Fr. Matthew Power. It was nice to have the extra company since the guys were all very open and friendly.

On Saturday, most of the novices went for a tour to a beautiful church (so I was told) called Tewkesbury Abbey. I was never into church architecture so I opted to stay home. The highlight of my Saturday was shopping with Gavin, another novice, for the evening dinner. (Every Saturday we take turns cooking in pairs). Neither of us knew what to buy or cook, so needless to say it took a while but we pulled through. Thanks to the power of “Google” cooking tips + Gavin and Peter, no one went hungry that night.

And finally, I’ve been given a small bit of responsibility in the novitiate. “Outdoor works and Maintenance of Computers”. It’s a small job, but I’ve learnt that even with small power comes a great responsibility!



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